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Upcoming Workshops
March 2024

Image by Bernard Hermant
March 16th, 2024

Spontaneous Creative Art
For Wellbeing Workshop

This is a light, uplifting and fun creative art workshop. We will work with creative prompts with a shared focus that helps connect to ourselves, reduce stress and

gain new perspectives. 

It is designed to give you the confidence to create.
You will leave feeling inspired, more centered, and
calm. Participants will witness stress and tension release through the workshop and enhanced clarity,
creativity, and acceptance

March 23rd, 2024

Spontaneous Creative Art
For Wellbeing Workshop

Image by Karen Maes

Art Speaks offers weekly workshops of 90 minutes each at The Workshop, Dubai.


The sessions encourage people to reconnect with their innate creativity which we believe is paramount for wellness. The creative process is seen as a microcosm of life. It involves learning to trust one’s instincts, making new connections in our mind, overcoming the discomfort of not having complete control of material and of not knowing the outcome of the process with certainty.


Art materials and modalities serve as tools that lend their power to hold our thoughts feelings and emotions as we playfully engage with them guided by prompts.


Each 90-minute workshop is

  • A platform that offers a place to gather and discover that we are not alone.

  • A space that is safe enough to say what we want in a respectful way and be heard with compassion.

  • An opportunity to reflect on and learn from the thoughts shared and emotions felt.


Engaging with the creative process in this way aids in increasing the capacity of our mind to control and tolerate our thoughts, feelings and emotions that at times can seem overwhelming, difficult or confusing.


We also offer separate 1:1 sessions of 60 minutes each for those who wish to explore issues in a more private manner.


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