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Creative Pathways to

When words are not enough, Art Speaks.

About us

What is
'Art Speaks'

Art Speaks is a wellness coaching service based in Dubai, that facilitates personal wellbeing through playful creative expression.


The concept of Art Speaks as a service began with a series of “Join the Conversation and Create” online group sessions in 2020 when the isolation during the pandemic led to feelings of loneliness and anxiety. The conversations were followed by responsive creative expression through art, music or writing and interactive discussions. Albeit online, these sessions forged a deep connection between participants as they realized they were not alone in their fears and also served to instil hope in an unprecedented way.


How We Work

With Art Speaks, each session is a unique creative pathway that involves playful engagement with an expressive arts modality. The sessions offer a safe space to explore one's thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is an opportunity to discover a unique style of expression by experimenting with Visual Arts, Writing, Photography and other modalities.


When we improve our feelings of wellbeing and connection with ourselves,

  • our capacity to tolerate and hold our feelings increases 

  • we understand and connect better with others.

Upon request, bespoke sessions are arranged for support groups and/or individuals, who wish to engage in a more private space.

How We Work
Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

The Founder

Renu Sarah Thomas is the founder of Art Speaks. She is a registered Art Psychotherapist (British Association of Art Therapists - BAAT) and Lifestyle Coach with experience in introducing and conducting programmes that promote the personal, social and emotional wellbeing of individuals in Dubai, India and Scotland.

She is a self-taught artist and although she finds ceramics and acrylic painting centering and enjoyable, it is through writing that she has found liberation and empowerment. She passionately encourages others to pursue some form of creative expression, embrace their authentic selves and live on purpose. 

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