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Renu Thomas is the founder of Art Speaks. She is a lifestyle coach and registered Art Psychotherapist (BAAT, HCPC) . She has extensive experience in introducing and conducting programmes that promote personal, social and emotional wellbeing of individuals in Dubai, India and Scotland. She is also an artist and educator. She believes that the experience of artmaking is liberating and encourages others to live on purpose through creative exploration and discovery.


Art Speaks offers experiences to reconnect with one's innate creativity through playful engagement in expressive arts through group sessions.

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"You packed so many goodies into the time. It felt very rich and full, with a lot of takeaways".

"You gain so many perspectives on the same topic. It was amazing".

"I liked it very much. It made me think"

"We feel so connected even though we are in different countries. I feel we know each other already "

" I just can’t believe I was able to make something on the spot that had so much meaning"

" I thought at first that I would have nothing to say and would make a complete fool of myself, but people were so interested in what I said and made"



We provide online and on location services that facilitate personal wellbeing through creative expression. Expressive arts practices are beneficial for all ages . They help ease people into experiencing emotion and use art as a healthy outlet for containing and managing their emotions.


Our experiential workshops are suitable for both individuals and organizations and result in renewed vitality and personal wellbeing.The forms of expressive arts we use in our sessions combine (but are not limited to) the following:


Visual arts ( drawing, painting, sculpting, collage, craft)

Writing ( journaling, poetry, short stories)

Photography (viewing, taking)

Music (listening, creating)


Exploring a variety of facilitated art processes allows a person to identify which form of expression best suits them.

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See below our regular weekly schedule and special events, including the times for all of our upcoming workshops!

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